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Supporting Documents

What are supporting documents and why do we need them?

A supporting document is anything that helps us to understand where money for a transfer is coming from. Think of it like your money’s passport, so to speak!

When sending and receiving money, we recommend you go through our “Send funds” or “Add money” features accordingly, since the type of document varies by purpose of transfer. Simply fill out the details of the transfers, and our flow will recommend what types of documents work best. We don’t ask for these 100% of the time, but following the flow will point you in the right direction in cases we deem it is needed.

Additionally, because this might be needed prior to crediting funds, we recommend you do this flow each time so we have what we need on our end to process your funds as quickly as possible.

What documents might you need?

Depending on the purpose of the transfer, it can vary! Sometimes it’s a payslip, sometimes it’s an invoice. By following our “Send funds” or “Add money” features, it will show you just what to send us. Easy.

What do your documents need to show?

Your documents need to show your full name, the total amount (which should cover the amount you’re sending), and the date you received the money.

Depending on how you got the money, your documents might need to show some other information too. Read the rest of this article to find out more.

Would you accept a bank statement?

Depending on the transfer purpose, a bank statement may not be sufficient. Bank statements can help us to verify where your money came from, but they’re usually not enough on their own as a supporting document. A list below will show you a breakdown of documents you could send based on the purpose of the transfer.

Do you need to send documents in advance?

To make things as smooth as possible, yes. We will need you to go through the “Add Money” and “Send Money” features in advance. If the system requires you to upload supporting documents when going through the “Add Money” and “Send Money” features, kindly upload the documents to help us understand the transaction. Just as a heads up, it’s possible we might request supporting documents even if they were not required during the flow, if the transaction is unclear to us.

Do you need to get your documents translated?

All documents need to be translated to English or Spanish.

Here are some examples of documents you could use for various transaction purposes that are common for business accounts:

Payment for goods and services

  • Copy of a signed service agreement

  • Detailed invoice with all services provided

If payment is being received in crypto, then please provide:

  • Crypto exchange screenshot showing account ownership and transfer

Transfer from another company-owned account

  • Account statements within the last 90 days

  • Statement from exchange or brokerage

  • Email trade confirmation

  • Screenshot of brokerage exchange showing withdrawal and account ownership

  • Signed contract or agreement

Capital transfer

  • Bank statement from the sending bank

  • Audited or certified balance sheet showing the funds

  • Any other relevant document(Loans with promissory note or recourse, awards, prize)

*These documents need to explain where the funds are coming from (source of funds verification)

Operating expenses

  • Invoice or bill

  • Service agreement

  • Rent, lease agreement (in the company’s name)

  • Any other relevant document supporting applicable operating expense

Funds transfer to a subsidiary

  • Board Resolution approving the movement of the funds with authorized signatories

  • Intercompany agreement between subsidiaries

  • Intercompany loan agreement


  • Signed contract or agreement

  • Confirmation from your investment company, bank, etc.

  • Investment certificates, contract notes, or statements, etc.

  • Bank statements showing business received the money

If payment is being received in crypto, then please request:

  • Crypto exchange screenshot showing account ownership and transfer

Loan or funding

  • Signed loan agreement, investor agreement or similar. Ideally agreement should include all of the following:

    • Purpose of loan

    • Interest rate

    • Repayment schedule

    • Amount

    • Names of parties involved

    • Signed by both parties

  • Loan statement showing source of funds

Payroll, employee reimbursement or bonus

  • Payslip

  • Invoice

  • Employment agreement

  • Third party payroll service provider reports

  • Employment contract

Import, export of goods or logistics

  • Airway bill

  • Certificate of origin

  • Bill of lading

  • Combined transport document

  • Signed contract or agreement

Funds from crypto-related activities (Trading, staking or arbitrage)

  • Proof of balance at a crypto exchange(s) on behalf of customer name

  • Account statement or ledger from a crypto exchange on behalf in the customer’s name

  • Transaction slip from a crypto exchange(Trade confirmation)

  • Proof of the cryptocurrency-related activities (Trading, staking, mining, etc)


  • For mining - if a solo miner, a utility bill and the funding address to confirm it's a mining via an explorer

  • For a pool miner - screenshot of the mining activity and the address where he's received the funds from the pool

Company capital distribution

  • Audited or certified financial statements

  • Tax returns ( last two taxable years and titled in the company’s name)

  • Declaration of dividends

  • Declaration of shareholders distribution

  • Board resolution

Capital contribution or distribution to or from UBO

  • Business bank statements (not older than 3 months)

  • Audited or certified financial statements

  • Tax returns ( last two taxable years and titled in the company’s name)

  • Declaration of dividends

  • Declaration of shareholders distribution

  • Board resolution

Need more help? Get in touch with our team via email or the Live Chat, we are here to help!

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