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Incoming & Outgoing Transfers Guide πŸ”€
Incoming & Outgoing Transfers Guide πŸ”€
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As best practice, before making any deposit, please review our +Add Money help article.

In order to help get your Arival account funded, you'll need to find the bank detail that is available inside your dashboard.

⏬ Incoming (Making a deposit)

To access your Payment Detail, you'll first need to select your Account on the left-hand side. Select Domestic, International, or ACH account to review your payment instructions.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Inside your Document Center, We recommend downloading your PAYMENT DETAIL PDF (deposit instructions).

and it will look like this..

Quick reference guide when sending payments in Arival:

⏬ Incoming Payments

Domestic (Wires & ACH)

Please use these instructions for any payments within the United States. You will need to provide this information to the bank that is sending the wire to your account.

  • Bank Name: Quaint Oak Bank

  • Bank Address: 501 Knowles Ave, Southampton, PA 18966

  • ABA #: 236074525

  • Beneficiary Name: (Your name)

  • Beneficiary Address: (Your address)

  • Beneficiary Account #: (Your Bank account #)


Please use these instructions for any wires outside the United States.

Beneficiary Bank:(Often referred to as Receiving Financial Institution)

  • Bank Name: Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company


  • Bank Address: Fountain Plaza, 3 M and T Center Floor 10 Buffalo, New York 14203


  • Beneficiary Name: Quaint Oak Bank

  • Beneficiary Address: 501 Knowles Ave, Southampton, PA 18966

  • Beneficiary Account Number: 9867238934

  • Reference field: FFC Your Account #/Company Name BNF BK Arival Bank

    • *It is important to note that the reference field is mandatory to correctly route your payment. Failure to include the reference could result in lost or returned funds

⏫ Outgoing Transfers

Please use these instructions for any outgoing wires. Wires outside of the United States will require both a beneficiary bank and a United States intermediary bank. An outgoing domestic or international wire request may be processed any business day before 3:00 PM EST. If a transaction is requested after 3:00 PM EST, then it may be processed the next business day.

You'll need to provide the following information in order to send a payment:

  • The receiving bank's name and address

  • The receiving bank's Wire ABA/Routing Number/Swift Code

  • Beneficiary account number, and the name and address on the account

    • πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: For international outgoing wire payments Intermediary US bank details are required. We recommend contacting the receiving bank to obtain this information.

Additional information for outgoing payments:

  • For domestic outgoing payments the originator/sender will appear as your Company Name.

    • Estimated timeline for domestic outgoing wires is 1-3 business days

  • For international outgoing payments the originator/sender will appear as Quaint Oak Bank.

    • Estimated timeline for international outgoing wires is 3-5 business days

    • Business Days do not include weekends or Bank Holidays

🏦 To learn more about our pricing schedule and fees:


Reach out to our rockstar support team via live chat in the bottom right corner or via email!

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