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Dual Approval: Creator & Verifier 👥
Dual Approval: Creator & Verifier 👥
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What is Dual Approval? A payment control that requires two separate people to authorize a transaction.

Benefits of Dual Approval:

  • Prevent Payment Scam: Have a 2nd person review and authorize the payment

  • Reduce Processing Errors: A verifier can spot various mistakes, from input errors to a breach of internal procedures

  • Halt Compromised Credentials: Help to prevent funds from being diverted out

  • Increase Fraud Prevention: Mitigate risk by acting as a deterrent for any unusual activity

This article will show you in 2 steps how you can gain full control of your payments.

  1. Create your Creator & Verifier Role

  2. Assigned roles to your Teammate

1️⃣ Create your Creator & Verifier Role

To get started, you'll need to create the two roles. You can choose one of our templates and customize it accordingly.

  1. From your Arival Dashboard, navigate to your Teammate section

  2. Select the Roles tab, and next click on +Create a new Role

  3. Use the Existing Role as a template

  4. Let's select Payment Creator

Role 1 (Payment Creator):

This user role will only be able to initiate a transfer, and not able to authorize a payment. You'll see below that you can customize the role template according to the user's permission level.


  • If you have multiple bank accounts, select which account this creator role will have access to

  • Authorize payment is not enabled here

Role 2 (Verifier):

Now follow the same steps above, and this time select Verifier. This role only allows a person to authorize the payment.

2️⃣ Assigned roles to your Teammate

Now that we have set up and defined the roles, next we will need to assign them to the respective Teammate member.

  1. From your Arival Dashboard, navigate to your Teammate section

  2. Select the Teammate who will be the Creator

  3. Change Role, select Creator

  4. Set the Teammate weekly/monthly limits

  5. Repeat the above steps to now select your Verifier Teammate

Set your Teammate's Weekly/Monthly Limit

🎉 Congrats on completing both steps

Dual approval is now complete! Your Creator Teammate can initiate a transfer, and only the Verifier can authorize those payments.

Once the Verifier logs into Arival, you'll see a notification prompting them to Authorize, or Reject Payment.

Payments will appear as Pending until a Verifier marks them as complete.


Reach out to our rockstar support team via live chat in the bottom right corner or via email!

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