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Teammates: Super Admin and Role Templates
Teammates: Super Admin and Role Templates
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We’ve been busy making our Teammate functionality even better!

As an owner of the account, you can now speed up and streamline your teammate management with Super Admin & Roles Templates!

Key updates for owners:

  • 👤 Super Admin Role: Want to give 1 teammate maximum access just like the Owner? You’ll empower them to help oversee your team and financial operations

  • 👥 Role Templates: Build custom roles for different teammates, or easily assign default roles to all your teammates at once. Save time setting up new users

  • 🖥 Account Access: Select who can have access to which bank accounts

  • 📝 Permissions: Set read-only access, control your send limits, authorize payments, and much more

You'll now be in complete financial control of your team, and help to better scale and run your business from anywhere!

As always you can easily reach out to the Support team by clicking on our Live Chat tool in the lower right-hand corner or email us at

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