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Why hasn't my transfer posted yet?
Why hasn't my transfer posted yet?
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There are a number of reasons a transfer can be delayed, rejected, or returned. Miskeyed banking details, insufficient funds, delays caused by banking holidays, outdated account information, and more. If you find yourself in a position where funds aren’t where you expect them to be, please check out the following instructions:

For outgoing wires that haven’t posted:

  • We can provide you the IMAD for you to use to inquire with your receiving bank. This number should help them locate where the funds are in the process. Reach out to with the details surrounding the transfer (amount, date, and recipient) and we’ll help you from there.

For missing incoming wires:

  • There's less that we can do or control when it comes to missing incoming wires since we’re on the receiving end. Please allow up to 3 business days for the credit to post. If there is a transfer you are expecting that hasn't shown up at Arival within that time period, please reach out to the Sender to contact originator bank regarding the wire status.

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