Arival Bank is a US-based licensed and fully regulated digital bank specifically designed to serve underbanked businesses all over the globe 🌎

A sneak peek of Arival product:

  • USD checking account: deposit, send, and receive USD payments 100% digitally across the world;

  • EUR SEPA checking account: send and receive EUR payments locally within the European (SEPA) region;

  • Multi-entity management: open several accounts for multiple entities via the same dashboard;

  • Multi-account management: open up to 3 accounts per each currency under the same entity;

  • Multi-user experience: invite an unlimited number of users to your Arival platform & set customized permissions for each teammate;

And so much more! Learn more about our product and what's coming next by visiting our Product Roadmap πŸ—ΊοΈ.

While we’re on a mission to serve the underbanked, where borders don’t exist and all, there are still some businesses that we cannot service:

  • Gambling services;

  • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals;

  • Weapons vendors/ sale and manufacturers;

  • Illegal/controlled substance vendors;

  • Drugs/Drugs Paraphernalia;

  • Illegal activities;

  • Adult Content/Services;

  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM);

  • Illegal products and services;

  • Counterfeit or unauthorized goods.


Not to worry, we have a quick version too! 😎

We recently launched at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference to 50,000 attendees and 300,000 livestream views. Our journey took 3+ years to build our [abnormal] bank, but we only needed five minutes to make our story heard across the world. Check it out here!

Questions or feedback? Share with our rockstar support team here!

Email us at or chat with us by clicking the chat button πŸ‘‰

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